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Handmade Greeting Cards -- Wholesale and Retail

Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards

If you're looking for special greeting cards you've come to the right place. We are an exclusive importer of several lines of Handmade Greeting Cards.  Some of our designs are exclusively distributed in the US and Canada. A broader design selection can be aquired directly from this website.  Just use the Greeting Cards link on the right side of the top menu. Visit our Retail Store to get selected Birthday, Wedding, Valentine's, Christmas and other cards at retail. Two of our greeting cards designs have become finalists in the industry's 15th Annual International Greeting Card Awards competition, more widely known as the "Louie Awards"

Valentine greetings

All Handmade Products

All of our cards are 100% handmade. There are no machines involved in the process of making them. Each item is meticulously assembled by a pair of skillful hands and then matched with an appropriate envelope.The card with the envelope is then sealed inside a plastic sleeve. All our cards are blank inside. This allows the sender to hand-write his own greetings, making it even more personal.

Lowest Wholesale Prices

Our wholesale collections of handmade greeting cards proved to be a winning proposition for many of our discriminating clients.Thanks to our exclusive agreement with the manufacturers we are able to offer these handcrafted pieces of art at unprecedented low wholesale prices. In fact, our customers would not pay less when buying them directly from the manufacturers.

Wholesale or Retail

handmade Valentine cards

The available collections are mainly for wholesale buyers. To access the manufacturers catalogues you have to register to identify your business. Once your registration is approved you will be able to enter the catalogues, click on any small image to see it in detail, and make immediate online orders. Except for the First Time Buyers Pack, the minimum order quantity of any design is six pieces.  All prepaid orders are shipped within 24 hours.

A selected collection is offered for retail.

Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Anniversary, and Other Occasions

greeting cards display

We specialize in Birthday, Wedding, and Christmas cards. However, we also carry designs for other occasions, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Anniversary, Thank You cards etc.

greeting cards display

No Free Samples

Please note that we do not send free samples of our greeting cards. However, for serious buyers we offer our special First Time Buyer Sample Pack containing 60 best selling designs. Please contact us for details. Anyone interested in having just a few samples may purchase them retail at the retail page.


Through our partners we offer an affordable table-top display with 20 pockets, and a floor display with 33 pockets. Each pocket contains at least 6 greeting cards. For a selection of greeting card displays, please visit West End Wire Display

 Earn commission on referrals! You can earn commission by referring other customers to our business. If you know shops, or other businesses who would benefit from selling our greeting cards, please ask them to register with us as a Wholesale Buyer. If during their registration they provide your name as their sponsor, you will receive 10% commission of all their future orders. Please contact us for details.

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