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The inventory of 16 thousand Handmade Greeting Cards can be all yours.
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Handmade Greeting Cards

 Handmade Greeting Cards Retail                         Handmade Greeting Cards Wholesale

If you're looking for special handmade greeting cards you've come to the right place. Two of our handmade greeting cards designs have become finalists in the industry's 15th Annual International Greeting Card Awards competition, more widely known as the "Louie Awards".

Corporate, Personalized Greeting Cards

handmade Valentine cards

The personal touch from companies large or small is always appreciated.  Corporate, personalized, handmade greeting cards are affordable, yet very powerful marketing tool. Let your staff, customers, or suppliers  know that you are more than just an employer or business associate. 

We do manufacture greeting cards for our corporate clients. Most of available designs can be altered to accommodate specific business needs. We can also make special designs for specific occasions. Please contact us with your order details and quantities, and we will fill your order at a special, corporate price.

Handmade, Wholesale Greeting Cards

  • All our cards are 100% handmade. They are usually blank inside allowing everybody to write his own personal greetings.
  • Thanks to our exclusive agreement with the manufacturers we are able to offer probably the lowest wholesale prices in the industry. In fact, our customers would not pay less when buying them directly from the manufacturers.
  • In addition to wholesale, we also sell selected cards retail .
  • We specialize in Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's designs, but we also have a good selection for other greetings occasions, such as Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, Thank You cards, etc. Greeting Cards Display
  • First Time Buyers Pack enables all new customers to buy a selection of 60 best selling designs without the need to meet the minimum order requirements.  Please contact us for details. 
  • All prepaid orders are shipped within 24 hours.
  • Due to the high cost of hand-making of the cards we are not able to send free samples.  We invite anyone interested in just a few single designs to purchase them at our retail store.

Greeting Cards Displays

For a selection of greeting card displays, please visit West End Wire Display.

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